Kirby can party too

DJ Dreamdriver came to me to produce new material to enhance in his upcoming weekly sets and tour. Given the creative freedom, I had decided to go for the vibrate and fun approach to ensure a colourful fresh entertainment when showcased in a dark club/dance venue setting.

Knowing the performancers love for Kirby, I made a deliberate choice to center the visuals around the beloved character and his themes. Striking the balance between the bubbly and hard-hitting elements of the electric dance genre, I aimed to create a visual experience that resonated audience love of a recognisable character and the energetic vibe of the music.

For this project, I used Blender to animate a pre-rigged Kirby model. The entire animation was crafted in 3D, but textured and rendered to exude a charming 2D cartoon aesthetic. I prepared seven unique scenes, each suitable to be synced to EDM tempo and seamlessly loopable. Food models were already pre-made and downloaded.

Music: Sugar Rush by Dreamdriver